Are you a merchant looking to scale and grow? Start selling online using BigCommmerce, one of the best SaaS eCommerce platforms. Check out how we guided our customers in their dream journey with BigCommerce.

Positive user experience is the key to success of any eCommerce business. Our creative designs provide your customers with such moments to cherish. Mobile first themes find a sweet spot between business goals and customer expectations
Stencil, custom layered navigation, bulk order, B2B features
Aurumi Fine Jewelry
Stencil, Single click buy feature
HVAC Parts Shop
Vertical navigation, Stencil, Search by model and revision app, 10,000+ SKUs
Indian Market Place
Stencil, mobile first approach, beautiful feminine design
A growing eCommerce business needs process automation and seamless integrations with third-party systems. HikeOn has a lot of experience in EDI integration, Amazon vendor and seller integrations, ERP integration, Quickbooks integration and PIM integration.
Amazon vendor central, EDI with major distributors, Custom quickbooks integration, ERP integration
Tommy Johns
Integration with SysPro for orders, order acknowledgements, products, inventory and shipment
Naturally Curly
Thirdparty logistics (3PL/AS400) integration for orders, shipments and inventory using EDI.
Data migration is a crucial step in replatforming your business to a new eCommerce platform. Our team is proficient in transporting data with the highest quality from Magento, Shopify, Umbraco, home-grown systems and several other platforms.
John Paul Mitchell
Catalog and blog transfer from Umbraco CMS. Multiple data sources and major product category restructuring was a major challenge.
HVAC Parts Shop
Catalog transfer from homegrown eCommerce system, Blogs, customers, sales order history, 301 redirects, rich snippets, media files and resources.
Catalog and blog transfer from Drupal CMS to BigCommerce. Preserved and enhanced SEO metadata as well.
Blanks USA
Products, customers, marketing coupons and sales order history migration from Magento 1.
eCommerce platforms solve the greater part of merchants' needs from cart functionality to shipping. Nevertheless, it is imperative that some merchants have to build custom applications to fulfill their customer needs and automate back office processes. As part of merchant onboarding, we identify and fill the gaps in merchant's needs and eCommerce platform. Elastic search engine for a swift facet performance, Product finder and Sales reporting are some of our custom applications.
Cooler Extras
Layered navigation/Faceted search with data driven from a google spreadsheet. BigCommerce basic plan customer gets this pro functionality with this simple private app.
HVAC (Product Finder)
Search by model and revision app to help customers find the right product among 10,000+ SKUs. This has reduced bounce rates and number of order returns.
Hot Sauce Depot
Custom sales reporting app with filters for coupon, campaign etc., This app helps merchant to run his campaigns and measure success / conversions.
Want to perform small UI fixes or customizations, HikeOn can help you with what we call as MicroProjects.
Naturally Curly
Minor UI fixes and third party app integration
Minor UI fixes and third party app integration
Minor UI fixes and third party app integration
Create Your Cupcake
Minor UI fixes and enhancements
Minor UI fixes and enhancements
Tucci Limited
Homepage redesign (Blueprint)
Hot Sauce Depot
Minor UI fixes and enhancements
*Some of these projects were executed by HikeOn in partnership with other digital agencies