Bliss World

 Health & Beauty

 sales order migration, catalog transfer

Project Description

Bliss is a major spa and skincare products retailer in the United States. To bring the spa experience to home, Bliss sells international line of beauty and healthcare brands through their website and stores.

Bliss had a beautiful drupal website with a basic addon for cart functionality. As part of their digital strategy, bliss decided to move to a scalable and customizable platform like BigCommerce.

What We Did

Replatforming an existing eCommerce store often has its own challenges :

  • Catalog transfer

    Drupal primarily being a CMS, did not have ready-made APIs to extract catalog information. Leveraging the GEAR framework of HikeOn, we created a custom connector between Drupal database and BigCommerce.

  • Preserve existing SEO content

    Product information has critical metadata like product title, meta keywords, rich snippets and so on, that should be carried over to the new platform.  HikeOn took additional care to preserve and enhance it with additional SEO features offered by BigCommerce.

  • Seamless transition for customers

    Reordering is a common way for customers to re-engage with the brand. HikeOn enabled this by migrating sales order history, customers and customer groups, coupons, discounts and store credits to BigCommerce.

  • 301 redirects

    Catalog restructuring can be painful if we do not pay attention to 301 redirects. HikeOn helped Bliss in migrating existing 301 redirects, remove cyclic redirects, and also add new redirects as needed.

  • Blogs and CMS content

    HikeOn helped bliss by migrating the blogs and cms content without losing backlinks, internal links and media files.