Texture Media (Naturally curly)

 Health & Beauty


 3PL, AS400 integration, custom reporting

Project Description

Naturally curly is one of the enterprise customers with BigCommerce and it sells hair-style products from top brands to its customers. This project was to integrate their BigCommerce store with a third-party logistics provider to automate the exchange of orders and its statuses using EDI

As part of this project, NaturallyCurly wanted the ability to track orders sent to the 3PL system and to notify the admin about any delays/errors in processing the messages.

What We Did

Using GEAR framework, we built this custom integration rapidly with following features:

  • Orders to 3PL

    Our solution facilitated NaturallyCurly to send only certain orders to the third-party logistics provider after a series of business rule validations and data transformations.

  • Sync shipment tracking from 3PL

    We integrated with the AS400 system of the third-party logistics provider to receive shipment tracking information and update BigCommerce order with the same.

  • Custom Reporting

    We created role based custom reports and a notification system for failed messages across systems. The platform also enables the admin to modify the order data and reprocess the failed message delivery.